Obama’s inside joke…transparency…

10 1 12 Folks, out damned spot…
Did you listen to the news over the weekend? I did. I am now going to submit a suggestion that we hold the election in three key states and have the 47 states remain on the sidelines in anxious anticipation.
Obama is leading in the polls in all three key states. The spread goes from double digits to 2 points depending on where your dial is set, but everyone agrees it is going to be a very close race. According to the pundits Romney is his own worst enemy…saying things like 47% of the population on government assistance will vote for Obama…What a jerk. Ryan isn’t helping the cause…what possessed him to say that as a Christian hunter he will proudly cling to his religion and his guns? That’s indelicate to say the least and he offended agnostics, atheists and heathens nationwide, to say nothing of the Muslims who own guns but don’t hunt. Romney only has one chance to turn things around and that’s the first debate…yep if he doesn’t deliver a coup-de-grace then he may as well throw in the towel and take a job at Staples…Well actually ex employees have nothing good to say about Romney…They may owe him their livelihood but he was a cruel employer…
More news; it seems that red states are doing much better economically than blue states, an ironic twist of fate since it is Obama’s policies that lowered unemployment and raised wages in those states…I hope they are honest about that and give Obama the credit he deserves…Americans are feeling more confident in the economy…facts notwithstanding we just feel good with Obama ahead in the polls and still sending money to Palestinians and Muslims and bankrupt-prone solar companies.
The football umpire strike was finally settled; they got a fabulous contract; more money, more benefits and retirement in the lap of luxury…We’re still looking for the guilty party that had the unmitigated gall to spontaneously raid our embassies…These spur of the moment, come as your are armed affairs never work out well…in the confusion an ambassador and three nearly forgotten others were killed…With no war on terror to concern and distract us from our appointed rounds, as in all high profile civil cases the FBI is on the job…as soon as they get clearance to visit the crime scene…Order should be restored real soon since all the proper international procedures were taken to soothe the savage beast…Obama apologized, Hilary apologized, then Obama apologized followed by an apology from Hilary. Rice…well she nailed the root cause in less than two weeks…a record for this administration. High five!
What else…Oh yeah…Obama is attending those pesky briefings every day now…so far they haven’t told him anything new but he’s willing to listen just in case; in case it hurts him at the polls to avoid attending. School lunches aren’t student ready so Michele went back to the groaning board, consulted with the UN, the in-house Imam, communed with the ghost of doctor Spock and came up with the perfect solution…eat more. Thank God someone is looking out for our under nourished, obese, under-educated geniuses who couldn’t figure that one out on their own…not on 80 calories…Well that was about it for the weekend news….pretty uneventful all in all…It’s raining a lot in the corn belt…that’s a good thing..
Oh and by the way; two American G.I.’s let their guard down and a couple of radical Afghanistan soldiers took them by surprise and shot them…motive undetermined. It isn’t positively determined if these Afghans were Muslims but we won’t tell you anyway…the FBI will no doubt add that to the growing list of things they have to do when they get over there…If we don’t stop this civil disobedience the world could become a dangerous place..keep the motor running…
And by the way, my flag is still at half mast and as I said it will remain there until Obama leaves the White House…There will be more needless and tragic sacrifices of trapped American military heroes, sadly.
And by the way, maybe I’ll leave it at half mast until the United Nations leaves America…Where is their outrage over the riots, killings and invasion of sovereign American real estate…embassies in at least 17 countries either penetrated or under threat? It is not their responsibility to keep score…especially when it’s only deserving Americans under attack.
One more by the way…The only poll I have confidence in is spelled p-o-l-e, as in flag pole. At half mast it is a constant reminder that this administration is up to Obama’s armpits in blood and no Shakespearean scrub or Macbeth’s remorse will erase the stain of betrayal and abandonment. Only an enemy could be so awash in the blood of patriots and not apologize, make amends and change course.
Demand Obama’s removal for cause; we have many.
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