One Nation One God

I never thought that my support for Israel would require that I convince American Jews that their destiny, not only as Jews but as Americans, is tied to the fate of Israel. My support for Israel is a natural extension of my love for America out of the principles we share and my empathy for an entire race that has been victimized for centuries which does not compute with my Christian mores. Their vilification is contrary to every personal experience and relationship in my experience with fellow Americans who happen to be Jewish just as I happen to be a Christian. Their tragic odyssey is all the more poignant for the betrayals they’ve endured time and again, in nation after nation by former neighbors and fellow citizens, as governments disenfranchised them en mass.


And the persecution is far from over. According to Islamic prophesy, Christians and Jews will share the same perilous fate and the road to that prediction is paved with Fascism, martyrdom, murder, anti-Semitism and subjugation for all, unless we join forces now in an offense to preserve our Judea Christian American legacy. Do not for one moment become complacent in this America.


According to Obama Israel’s calls for unity, common sense and support amount to back ground noise…while he is supposedly busily intent on America’s best interests. Muslims do not differentiate between Israeli Jews, American Jews or Jews anywhere. Only American Jews dally in that fallacy.


According to Obama Israel is one of our best allies in the Middle East…I am hard pressed to think of another. Perhaps “off mike” Obama will favor us with that secretive bit of intelligence.


According to Islam and repeated by Obama, it is slander against Islam to believe as Christians or Jews do. If we slander them they are entitled to reparations. Here are Obama’s exact words.


“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. (He is speaking here of Christians, Jews and all who simply do not hold with the prophet of Islam). Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see when the image of Jesus Christ is desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied. (A lie to smooth ruffled feathers and sound Christian-like.) Let us condemn incitement against Sufi Muslims, and Shiite pilgrims. (Not all religions and sects?) It is time to heed the words of Gandhi: “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.” Together, we must work towards a world where we are strengthened by our differences, and not defined by them. That is what America embodies, and that is the vision we will support.”


The assumption of absolute power is made by those who embrace absolute corruption while they dictate thought, beliefs and ideas others must adopt.


Remember the words of Barak to the United Nations Council….the same lips that told us America is not a Christian nation. These are not the words of a Christian, born again or not…these are the words of a self described Muslim…Words intended to plant the seeds of radical change that portend the imposition of a false God…a new world order.


My Jewish compatriots listen and watch carefully…A Muslim has just told the United Nations that Christianity will not be practiced in the America he envisions and works to attain, but he had no time to meet with world leaders to advance America’s objectives. Must I spell out for you what that means for Judaism? Heed the words of the Koran…it not only condones, it subscribes to and recommends lying as a means of achieving the Islamic prophesy and murder of those who resist.


Obama’s quote is a cleverly concealed ideological lie…It equates the Muslim Jihad with Christian condemnation of the hate-inspired words and murderous deeds of Muslim leaders and Muslim Terrorists. Christian and Hebrew theology does not engage in slander, hate speech or proselytizing by persecution and intimidation. Our humanitarian objections to Islamic threats are intentionally mis-characterized as slander by Obama and the Muslim radicals to create the impression that Muslims and Christians share equally in those tactics. It is a bold faced, unequivocal lie.


England has incorporated Sharia Law in Parliament and has completely forfeited their identity. There you see the model for political victory through faux religious demands and the overwhelming of their financial and economic infrastructure from within. It is spreading through Europe like a plague and is infecting America like a parasitic invasion.


Truly we are in a religious war and if we had the conviction of our faith we would stand united for our religious heritage and denounce the Islamic invasion as blasphemous…An Islamic invasion accentuated by the election of an Islamic Muslim president, the co-opting of the free press and most of media. We must win the Judea Christian Faiths against Islam war and our economic political woes will become miraculously manageable and far less threatening in direct correlation. Islam declared war but did not tell us how it would be waged; yet it is the fastest growing religion in America and monster mosques are being built obtrusively and defiantly. It is not growing by conversion; it is growing by invasion. America on the other hand is weakened and diminishing by every measure of national consequence, not by coincidence.


In that vein consider this. Obama may not be able to close Gitmo but he is surely trying to empty it…We are about to release 55 “detainees” including Sadam Hussein’s bodyguard/chauffeur…Is it our intention to replace Al Qaeda’s key terrorist losses? Will we provide them with body armor and AK 47’s? Will they have the option of going back to their old outfits or staying in America as our cannibalistic guests? Either way we can be assured that they will rejoin the war on infidels, as the attack on our embasies bears out. To them incarceration was a continuation of Jihad; it was not suspended, nor did we reeducate or convert them or diminish their ardor. They return to the battlefield healthier, stronger, better fed and more determined than when captured, astounded by our stupidity.


Ahmadinajad’s insane rhetoric is now joined by a more subdued but equally offensive rhetoric of Egypt’s Pres. Morsi, who, thanks to Barak, enjoys the highest political post in the Middle East of any member of the Muslim Brotherhood, except perhaps for Barak. Morsi now joins Barak in admonishing America for our culture and our inconsiderate, disrespectful treatment of the Islamic people of the sand region. Obviously profuse apologies are not appreciated or acknowledged; soon perhaps we will be told what self inflicted punishment may abate their wrath and Barak will undoubtedly accommodate them.


Do not be misled by the burning effigies of Barak; that is not representative of the political forces that hold sway. The leaders who do hold sway are beholden to Obama or vice verse; not the people they and he condemned and betrayed. Obama has primarily betrayed this nation and whether he is the Judas Goat or the executioner should not concern us. He is the embodiment of evil and the enemy within. Listen, watch, remember. There are no coincidences in politics, religion or war.


Our vote is testimony to our patriotic commitment to the restoration of the Constitutional Republic, founded on Judea Christian principles we are entrusted with; or do we contend that the change embodied in total transformation is the legacy we want for our children. Vote to preserve and pass on the kind of government our forefathers endowed to us.


God Bless America,




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