Demagogue caca belies the revolution

I don’t have much to say about the DNC Convention. I found it impossible to stay tuned for more than a few minutes at a time…but I can sum up my opinion with two words; Demagogue caca. My rule was to listen until I heard a lie, take a 20 minute break and repeat.
The emotions I come away with are not what I expected. I feel sad, listless…disappointed. I rationalized that not all of the people in attendance are starry eyed, uninformed, misinformed, misled, mis-led, dis-informed sycophantic liberals; innocents being led to slaughter with food stamps, free contraception and other seductive bribes, beckoning us to partake in the bonanza of new found rights we know as entitlements and are begrudgingly paying for. Some, like the Vice President and Secretary of State (not present), advisers to the president, certain trusted politicians and of course radical left wing Czars, are witnesses to the treachery, architects of the deception and part of the strategy to elect this fraudulent dictator in waiting, at any expense. I should say at our expense. They have chosen sides and the people are the pawns that are expected to provide the finances and liquidity that supports their own betrayal. A gallows properly built is an expensive contraption and the executioner dictates that the condemned pay their fair share for the materials and labor.
Like the loving bride of a compulsive liar and wife beater the complicit left defend their leader with lies and crimes of their own, praying that if they please the master the beatings will stop. They are to be pitied yes, but it is also incumbent upon those who have knowledge to cause intervention before the victim is mourned on a cold marble slab. Such a morbid slab awaits the Republic unless full disclosure, unmitigated honesty and uncalculated exposure of the cabal is forthcoming and accepted by the masses and a united, forceful resistance is mounted in time. Willing or hapless, the abettors must be repatriated or punished; the Constitutional Republic is at stake. The marauders are in full battle regalia, issuing liberty-robbing edicts, redistributing funds, confiscating wealth, realigning our alliances, circumventing due process, denying our Judea Christian heritage, vigorously attempting to disarm the populace as quickly as possible and weakening our First Amendment Right in all of its complexities in a modern world. The defenders are rallying a reluctant, too comfortable, largely unconvinced, somewhat liberal population. We are attempting to waken a sleeping giant by belling the cat, but wake him we must.
Nevertheless the revolution has begun in earnest and the forces of evil have wisely decided to hide behind these same innocent but duped civilians, like terrorist combatants calling for collateral damage and the death of innocent children, to gain a momentary sympathetic advantage. Their liberal sympathizers have been indoctrinated and promised great rewards for their blind loyalty. The indoctrination of the masses sympathetic to the promises and lies, forces a breach between neighbors and friends, who not unlike the Civil War families find themselves on opposing sides with strongly held convictions and differing opinions. The brainwashing techniques they have fallen victim to would have them convinced that opinion trumps fact and facts are distorted by the opposition to sway their opinions. When confronted with facts that condemn their ideology and expose their leader they respond with programmed opinion. Their argument is that they are entitled to their opinions the same as we are. Responding that we have facts that threaten the Union falls on deaf ears; or is it that they believe we deserve the fate they are handing us?
The Conservative side simply believes that facts are indisputable and opinions are distractions which prevent unified preservation for all.
The culprits who know or should know that the presidential edicts Obama has signed negate all of the hyperbole about budgets, jobs, foreign policy, health care or taxes are betraying a nation that allowed them to realize God given freedom. These edicts make the wars we are fighting on foreign soil futile, sinful and wasteful and a crime against American humanity. The real war is at home and if the Republic doesn’t survive our troops become lambs on a sacrificial altar with no providential salvation or reward in sight.
Total transformation was not a mere idiom or provocative term…it is the reality of intentions actualized by an ideological, calculating cabal, intended to replace Capitalism with Socialism, the Republic with a Fascist State and liberty with dictatorship. The cabal is very satisfied with their progress as indicated by the economy, the number of edicts successfully imposed without opposition or recognition and the adoring masses that hang breathlessly on every treacherous lie they spit. If they retain power by election the deceit can go arguably undetected and supported by their victims for at least another four years; if not…who knows? It is masterfully ironic, bold and demonic; to borrow a metaphor from James Bond they are the cabal that loves us.
Democrats and liberals who might accidentally come across and read this article may regard it as hate speech and if so it will engender hatred in return. I assure you that this is not the case. This is a love letter…love of country, love for my fellow man and love of our Creator. If you can accept that you may first have a chance to open your eyes to the reality around you. You have already lost many freedoms. All of your freedoms are at stake. The rules of engagement have changed. The enemy has set the trap and you, my dear friends and fellow Americans are the bait; the prey is the Republic we love. Put aside your liberal concerns and blind faith in promises not kept. Realize that hope and change is a metaphor for a new order with the same old prescription of ineffective, tainted medicine. They will take everything we own, everything we have created and everything we can earn going forward, run it through their sieve and leave us the sediment. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. We will not cede our freedom without a fight. On whose side will you be?
Remove the cabal. Disarm Obama not me. The Republic I love belongs to our children and their children. How have we preserved it for posterity…or have we let it slip through our fingers like mud in a slurry, never caring for the gold that went with it.
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