Don’t Pray For Peace if you Don’t Prepare For War

Folks, Fear, respect and Peace.
I don’t take my flag down at night. I don’t live on a military base so I leave my flag up 24×7. If it shows signs of wear and tear I replace it.
After 9 11 I expected to raise it to full mast this morning but when I heard the news that two of our embassies were attacked and four American lives lost I decided to leave it at half mast. I’m now thinking that I will leave it at half mast for the rest of Obama’s presidency.
When the war in Iraq was going on we got almost daily reports of casualties as the left wing media kept score like an umpire at a sandlot baseball game with no score board…The Afghanistan count is a bit more fuzzy but available with little effort. The thing is the enemy is growing bolder and more belligerent and with the attacks on our embassies it is evident that Islamic hatred for America, Christianity and Judaism is escalating in the Middle East. Do you believe that non-assimilating Muslims in America are not sympathetic to Muslim attacks in Syria and Libya? What does that bode for our future?
In Obama’s speech following the attacks there was no saber rattling…lo, there was no saber. I’m sure the perpetrators are quaking in their sandals with Obama’s sole reference to a vague retaliation…”they will be brought to justice.” Makes your blood run cold.
Of course with no loss of life in the Cairo attack we’re just grateful and see no reason to mention the incident. As one cleanup company says in their ads, “It’s like it never happened.” Am I to take from this that if the only attack was on the Cairo Embassy, it would be business as usual, the fortunes of war and what’s a building and a flag between friends, and call it a day? An embassy is a piece of America in a foreign country. American soil is sacred. It is no different at an embassy than the Alamo or the Twin Towers. America was attacked in Cairo and Obama has no outrage or concern to express. His tapioca speech about the Libyan atrocity didn’t contain outrage and only mediocre, and I opine, feigned concern, tepid at that. I know most Americans are outraged and concerned and for now all I can do is keep the American flag behind my home at half mast. I mourn the lives lost, the lives we will surely lose and loss of the American sense of sovereignty and dignity. The spirit of don’t read on me is lost in the contempt our enemies show for our meek posture in world affairs. The admonition of the Rough Rider to speak softly and carry a big stick has been inversed. Obama is all talk and if he had a stick it would be pointed at us.
Other nations don’t just fear a strong America they respect and appreciate a country too well armed to attack but like a gentle giant can be counted on to come to the aid of all who seek democracy and freedom. Fear and respect go hand in hand in life from which love, great alliances and lasting friendships are born. Today I fly my flag at half mast and perhaps, just perhaps, my shoulders are slightly less squared.
Obama promised total transformation. If those words didn’t put the fear of God in you then by golly I don’t know what will. You don’t transform or change something unless you know of something better. Obama knows Socialism for the sake of Fascism and he is satisfied to nurture our decline to that end.
There is a battle ahead and that is where our energy must be directed so let’s pull our shoulders back and see the job through. Obama must be defeated with resounding effect.
The election is our weapon of choice. Vote like your life depends on it.
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