The Seeds of Deceit

There is a flaw in human cognizance. Some say you can’t be hypnotized
if you refuse to submit to the will of the hypnotist.  If that is true
how many democrats willingly relinquish their consciousness to the
flavor of the day? The flaw is that people want a hero to rise up and
lift their burden of responsibility to self govern and provide for
their basic needs so badly that they are willing to be mesmerized into
believing the most disingenuous frauds who promise utopia on earth in
exchange for adulation and subjugation.

I fully expected Bill Clinton to end his speech with, “In closing, I
want everyone to drink from the Kool Ade I’ve prepared for you and
we’ll meet again in the next world and I will feel your pain and love
you and pick your pockets in eternity.”

During the entire speech Obama was behind the curtain totally amazed
at Bill’s interpretation of facts, saying to himself, “I was right.
Sol Alinsky is right! I can do no wrong! The world is full of idiots!
I own the Clintons! I am omniscient!”

Half the signs in the audience said “middle class first!” and Bill
Clinton was selling them a bill of goods about an all inclusive
party…equal results for all…they rose in unison ignoring the
disparity. Me first is all they heard.

The forefathers began the evening slowly turning in their graves and
ended the evening spinning at warp speed, unable to shag the barrage
of lies and omissions spewing glibly from the lips of the silicone
president in retirement.

“Arithmetic” he claimed, is the new idea demo-cretans bring to
Washington. Joe Biden beamed and nearly dislocated both arms
applauding. Joe Biden, the scholar who gave us the mother of all
contra-indicated pearls of wisdom, “You have to spend money to get out
of debt” must be a mathematical genius. An Arithmetic lesson that
failed to include the sagacity of borrowing as much as you can to give
to companies on the verge of bankruptcy, selling technology
unacceptable in the market place, to distribute to illegal aliens
invited to dinner and asked to stay for dessert and immunity, to
contribute to Muslim causes in the Middle East pledged to our
annihilation and bail out foreign banks and countries that will never
repay the favor…or the money.

Bill Clinton and the old Democrat Party are fixated on Arithmetic. The
new democrats, the Alinsky-Obama fascist wing of the Party, have no
interest in Arithmetic…(invented by Muslims by the way); they are
imbued in ideology. Arithmetic can only complicate matters.

But Bill Clinton is an inspirational speaker who can turn daylight
into darkness at noon and just when his audience is acclimating to the
darkness…at the stroke of midnight he tells you the sun is shining
brightly and everyone puts on their dark glasses for
protection…effectively blinded to the truth.

Clinton opined that the Republicans plan to lower taxes lowers
revenue, increases debt, sacrifices important (liberal) programs and
military readiness and ends up adding to the national debt.

Sticking to simple Arithmetic, let’s test Clinton’s honesty, resolve
and consistency with a simple question. Assuming we tax all of the
people 100% of their gross income…(I’m trying to lean the numbers in
Clinton’s favor), how long will it take to pay off the national debt?
Assuming in fairness that we maintain all of the Social Programs and
entitlements the Obama camp, liberals and other democrats would vote
for?  Here’s a box of chalk, a 200 hundred year calendar and 200
hundred yards of clean slate blackboard. I have one condition. Before
attempting to solve this intricate arith-mental problem take a healthy
swig of truth serum.

While Bill is busy struggling with that timeless, highly complicated
Arithmetic problem I will admit to you privately that it is a trick
question. Sensible people know the answer is never. Bill Clinton knows
the answer is never but he loves to contort an issue and hasn’t
anything better to do these days. Even Barak, the undeserving
beneficiary of glowing praise from an unlikely protagonist, (who
doesn’t know there is no love lost between these two self serving
politicians?) knows there aren’t enough taxes to be had even at 110%
to make a dent in the problem. To Obama it isn’t even a problem, even
though 110% taxation is appealing. The answers and historical facts
notwithstanding there is an insatiable appetite for entitlements which
they know suppress recipients’ ability and eventually their motivation
to become self sufficient…establishing a permanent and growing
voting bloc for democrats and or dictators.

Because Arithmetic has no place in the management and dynamics of a
free market society until the wealth and comfort provided restores
economic stability, then and only then it is practical and logical to
use simple Arithmetic to balance the budget. That is something Harry
Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate knows as fact and the
principle reason they refuse to carry out their legal responsibility
to produce a budget. It will expose their reckless trajectory for what
it is…reckless, immoral and un-American.

Arithmetic is not the discipline that leads to a fair and accurate
assessment of the realities of life, commerce and governance.
Capitalism is uncomplicated and incompatible with Socialism but is
indisputably the only discipline a Republic embraces. As the free
market grows the economy expands, people are lifted out of poverty,
the middle class thrives and socialism loses its jaded appeal to the
masses. The ratio of taxes to revenue should be monitored to maintain
productivity and provide government with sufficient funds to
efficiently perform its limited duties; not more. That’s how America
is legally bound as a Republic and that’s how it must work in the
future if we are to survive as a functioning Constitutional Republic.

The Republic derives its order of authority from the Creator, the Lord
God Almighty who was absent from the Democrat platform and then added
back as an afterthought and general outrage.

It doesn’t matter who votes; it matters who counts the votes. (Joe Stalin).

For instance, take the vote on the Convention floor to put God and
Jerusalem back in the Democrat platform…They tried to get the answer
they wanted three times and then the vote counter declared the
winner…God and Jerusalem are back in the good graces of the Democrat
Party…Half of the Democrats who lost their voice cried foul and were
politely told to shut up and sit down…The official platform is now
better positioned to win the Jewish and Evangelical vote and Obama
took all the credit for little do they know the Lord can’t be voted in
or out…

If you are not mesmerized vote to remove Obama and maybe Bill Clinton
will sing a swan song. The lies and bifurcation are thicker than flies
on an open honey jar on a hot day in July before the barn is raked.

We are a Constitutional Republic. George Washington was the father of
our country and the leader of our army. Wooden teeth were the art of
the day and surveyors had no modern equipment. Irreverence may be in
vogue but it is never in good taste.

God bless america.

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