Dictatorship by the Numbers…

Folks If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks
like a duck it is a duck.

The Health Care Bill represents a government takeover of over 17% of
the U.S. economy. If it is fully
implemented that percentage will grow as the economy shrinks…If a
government has intentions of establishing a dictatorship, controlling
the economy and national liquidity is a fundamental step in that
direction. The Health Care Bill is merely a Trojan Horse the Obama
administration will attempt to ride to that destination…Do not
consider the Health Care Bill in a vacuum, but consider with it the
other initiatives this administration gives highest priority, that are
as necessary or more so to establish a dictatorship.

Before every democracy falls to a dictatorship the population must be
disarmed. The Obama administration works tirelessly within the system
and against the system to nullify the Second Amendment. So far they
have been successful in banning certain types of weapons as well as
ammunition without which a firearm is a clumsy bludgeon. Direct
assaults on the Second Amendment have met with strong resistance on
many levels and the latest strategy is to negotiate a small arms
treaty with the United Nations making it an international matter. It
failed on the first attempt but Hilary will be back very soon to try
for consensus and get it signed ASAP. Even though a treaty of this
type can be easily undone by a new administration; it is inherently
illegal. Hilary would seek the presidency in 2016 if Obama is
reelected and 2020 if not.

The next most important step toward dictatorship is to control
elections so that the semblance of a democracy is in tact but the
results favor the dictatorship. Some doctators run unopposed. Obama’s
Attorney General is suing on behalf of the government to abolish state
laws that require photo ID and other proof of voter eligibility and
are winning those suits. Relaxing or eliminating border patrol
effectively floods our polls. The elimination of documentation
requirements means these illegals can vote as many times as they are
rewarded for their vote, in multiple districts. Neither is age a
barrier to an illegal alien with amnesty and food stamps. These voters
do not fall into the undecided category.

Controlling the airwaves and other media is critical. The ability to
interfere in communication between citizens is critical. Legislation
has been proposed and I believe versions of it have passed that allow
the government to shut down the Internet.

Congregation of citizens must be controlled. This government has
prosecuted or interfered in the “unlawful congregation” of several
unsuspecting farmers, pastors and health food advocates in remote
areas of the country but are mum when Muslim spontaneous prayer
sessions disrupt traffic and business in urban settings such as lower
Manhattan and midtown Manhattan.

The Secret Service now has in their discretion the ability to arrest
any protester causing a distutbance in the proximity of a presidential
appearance. The crime is a felony and is punishable by a minimum of
one year and a day in Federal prison.

Making Religion less accessible and influential has been a constant
initiative of this president subliminally, visually and legally.
Religious Congregation and influence is a major deterrent and fear of
all dictators. Obama has been posing as a Christian while the proof of
his Muslim affiliation is overwhelming. He presides over a Muslim
ceremony at the end of Ramadan on White House grounds every year and
has extolled their doctrine and beliefs publicly while denigrating
American Judea Christian heritage. Ever notce that the WH dog doesn’t
ride in the same airplane with the Obama’s? Its agin Muslim law. Of
more concern, especially for our military forces and regional
supremacy in the Middle East, Obama has given funds and the weight of
the presidency to put the Muslim Brotherhood in positions of power
they have never been able to attain before. Israel is at risk and our
financial interest will be impacted heavily. We are about to commit a
billion dollars to Egypt for their stabilization….and the
destabilization of Israel.

A dictator stays in power more readily if he makes his country
dependent on other nations for military and financial support. That
means reducing the size, defense and strike ability of our Navy, Air
and ground forces which is an ongoing process and will soon be an
accelerated process.

A man who becomes president of the United States and flatly proclaims
that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical documents
that have the order of authority backwards has no intention of
honoring the oath of office. His motivation to claim the presidency is
not only suspect but narrowly confined to a few options, none of which
are aligned with the best interests of a Constitutional Republic. In
effect he is the enemy. Every activity listed above demonstrates his
stated objections to our founding documents and the solutions to his
dilemmas. He rules by presidential edict.

American liberals Independents and democrats who support this man and
his record do not deserve the comfort and benefits of a Constitutional
Republic and are voting for its demise.

Remove Obama by any and every option available to us. Disarm Obama not me.


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