Rosh Hoshana and Contemplation

Folks; A time to contemplate, reassess and act..

Jimmy Carter, generally known as the worst president in memory if not in history, actually expected America to be better off under his brand of Socialism and appeasement…Jimmy is invested enough to believe in Socialism for Socialism’s sake and liberalism as a government virtue.

On the other hand Barak knows full well what will happen to America under his brand of Socialism…Socialism as a means to impose Dictatorship or Fascism and Liberalism as a means of finding acceptance for redistributive policies; ie; votes..

True to the Communist manifesto Obama will never let a serious crisis go to waste. After the 9 11 murder of our Ambassador and 3 attaches in the attacks on our embassies, Barak impatiently responded to Mitt Romney’s measured comments as being unmeasured, made his requisite appearances on TV and a 40 minute half hearted speech and took the tragedy on the stump where he could turn it into blood money for his campaign and secure the sicophants’ votes that cling to him like barnacles on a wooden shipwreck.

On the heels of another nasty humiliation to Netanyahu Obama left Jimmy Carter and the media to make excuses for his behavior and ran off to pass his hat in Las Vegas, the city Americans should not waste their money in…Reportedly a crowd of 8000 attended, realistically my guess is 4 to 5,000. That often used excuse that the White House follows the president is hackneyed and ludicrous. If the president has grave affairs of state that are obviously prescient and trots off to a campaign stop his priorities are skewed and his attention is diverted by the immediate demands on his time. The White House is not a house trailer and the staff a president should confer with, like Congress, I hope to God are not traipsing behind the entourage he takes on the campaign trail.

Will this ultimate slap in the face and rebuke of the Israeli Prime Minister cost Obama the Jewish vote? Incredibly, no. At a discussion group I attended Tuesday my attempt to review the history of Muslim Terrorism in America was met with hostile claims from several Jewish participants calling be a racist, and comparing my views with Hitler and anti semitism. The hatred I felt from a couple of those nice Jewish ladies was palpable and if looks could kill I would have achieved room temperature 20 minutes into that meeting. At the crux of these attacks and accusations was their defense of the president they love…Barak Hussein Obama. I was merely the symbol that represented George Bush, Republicans and Conservatism. Go figure.

I have been a strong and active supporter of Israel since Ben Gurion. I have felt a kindred relationship with American Jews since I was old enough to know that they suffered needless and hurtful indignities just for existing; attempted extinction for being Jewish. My Wall Street stock broker dealership in the 1960’s was known as the underground passage for Jews, especially Hasidim, to get licensed and become registered brokers when other firms turned them down because of their traditional dress and appearance. I tried to singlehandedly put the Uptown Athletic Club in Manhattan out of business because of their anti Semitic policies, cancelling my membership when I learned that Jews were given a hard time there. I have and will continue to stand with anyone who is the victim of unfair prejudice and Jews have had more than their share of that. At 80 I’m just beginning to learn that there is a degree of animosity among Jews of different sects perhaps beyond my historic reference.

My belief that Islam must be held accountable for the terrorist acts committed in the name of Allah and that all Muslims should state and demonstrate their dissent and distance themselves from the teachings that encourage, support and celebrates murder, should not incur the anger and wrath of the Jews that will ultimately suffer the most from Islamist Jihad. Nor should any American deny me the right to speak out and against a Political Religious movement that is sworn to convert/kill Christians as well. I am a Christian and my faith requires that I stand against those who would destroy Christianity. The Constitution requires that and more of me as a citizen, regardless of what our leadership thinks or says. It is not nearly enough to put down rebellions, denounce terrorism and prosecute individuals who actively participate in Jihad or terrorism. Not by a long shot. If you don’t kill the dragon the dragon will kill you. It behooves Jews and Christians to openly pit our faiths against Islam. It is counter intuitive for our government to intentionally mitigate Muslim culpability for atrocities at home and in the Middle East.

Rosh Hoshana begins in a couple of days. It is the celebration of the beginning of a new year on the Jewish Calendar. It commemorates the day of creation of man. A sweet New Year is ushered in with apples and honey and I believe a Tsimis here and there. No better time for Jews to contemplate their history to plan for our future.

I wish all my friends and neighbors a sweet Rosh Hoshana. May Christians and Jews pray together for the survival and continuation of Israel on a humanitarian level. May all Americans denounce hatred inspired violence in the world and put tolerance aside where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness requires the action of men of good will. Prayer supports action; it does not replace it.

When we ascribe to the term “radical Islam” we provide a shelter for those who are guilty of hatred and murder to point a finger at others and claim they are not radical. It is time for Islam to identify radicals, not us. It is time for Islam to denounce and amend a Koran that subscribes to murder and violence. It is time for Islam to bring Sharia law into the 21st Century, align it with Civil Law the world has long ago adopted and set it aside as finally redundant; it is not compatible with the human precepts of equality and justice in its present form. It is time for Jews to lessen their concern for fairness when our concern is survival of our Faiths and the lives of Americans…The survival of the Republic and our Judea Christian heritage, that is what’s at stake.

A good and peaceful New Year to all.


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