Unite or fight

Obama promised total transformation…Americans ate it up…Americans
who are too young, too detached or too unaware of what they were
asking for or agreeing to. The truth is that 90% of the change Obama
was threatening already took place gradually over the life of the
country and Obama merely presented himself to a preconditioned
electorate and assumed the role of transformer; president of a United
States of America no longer willing to defend the Republic from
foreign political ideology.

He came to power telling us that we are not a great nation, that most
other nations justifiably have the same claims of greatness, that our
heritage was inflated, our Judea Christian foundation a myth and our
form of government no longer viable in a global economy. He laid us
out like a bunch of children caught filching crops in a ripe cornfield
and we let him berate us and aggrandize backward nations and rogue
religious organizations.
He continues to claim victory in the face of utter failure, impose his
will over the objections of political opponents who have been neutered
and marginalized and we the people squabble over minutia and
insignificant distractions while our liberty is finely ground in the
gristmill of presidential edicts.

Most Americans never lived in a dictatorship or under Communism or
Socialism and they wouldn’t know Sol Alinsky Rules for Radicals if it
was a Boston cream pie and they were slapstick comedians in a
vaudeville side show. Life goes on as usual for the most part, except
for those days when your paycheck, if you happen to be among the 40%
employed, has a surprise deduction or two and you have no
recourse…or your five year old comes home from school one day
wearing a brown uniform and calls you comrade daddy…subtle things
that make you wonder if it’s safe to speak in public or go to
church…subtle things like getting a visit from a few uniformed
robots who want to know why you weren’t at the town square when the
president was speaking…You might get a clue that things aren’t the
way grampa said they were when your neighbor’s wife is stoned to death
in plain view of her family and her husband’s latest wife…Most
Americans can’t imagine such a world…and can’t believe that the
classic behavior of the man they voted for should have them in dread
fear for what may come as a result of their passive acceptance of anti
American free speech; free speech that calls for the annihilation of
Jews or the violent denunciation of independent opinion…subtle…

Has your opinion of various groups been affected by the divisive
policies of this administration? The answer for every one of us is
yes, my friends. The hate speech from elected officials and pot heads
with podiums has evoked emotions so strong that Americans are
demonstrating in support of or in opposition to that hate speech or
free speech. We all have opinions or reactions far stronger than we
did a mere 4 years ago to similar stimuli. It started with Democrat
vs. Republican then Liberal vs. Conservative and grew to a fever pitch
with lies and accusations against the peaceful Tea Party movement and
for the destructive Occupy Wall Street movement. We are all expressing
visceral opinions on political and social issues that would have
evoked a shrug a few short years ago or perhaps a letter to your

I appeal to liberals, democrats and so called Independents…Put your
country first…You are playing with fire when you allow yourself to
excuse behavior from your leaders that you denounce vehemently from
ours. Before you tell me both sides are guilty consider this
undeniable fact. The Conservative factions in America are basically
resisting the total transformation that would render the Constitution
and our heritage irrelevant. The liberal left has bought into the
entitlement society and refuse to apply common arithmetic analysis to
their new found philosophy. Accept this transformation and you will
soon begin to experience the heartbreak of forced mediocrity, imposed
ideology and punishable self determination.

End the revolution before it begins…Denounce Fascism which is now
trying to pass as Socialism. Denounce Socialism because it is not
compatible with entrepreneurship. Save the Republic…it has saved us
for centuries.

Disarm Obama, not me. Demand Obama’s removal for cause; we have many.

God Bless America,


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