Stupidity is Cyclical

Folks, The next election is a no brainer and we have many
overqualified voters.

As an aging American my biggest fear is that after a lifetime of
conservative votes, long after I’m dead and buried, I may be voting
for Democrats. Cremation won’t help. A tombstone disclaimer won’t
help. A living will won’t help. It’s very creepy as I get older to
feel that Democrats are tracking my life expectancy, limiting my
treatment options if I get sick, submitting my case to a death panel
if I need resuscitation, just so they can get my vote after I kick the

I’m seriously thinking of setting aside a fund in my will to take out
ads, maybe buy a billboard every four years to remind everyone I’m
dead and shouldn’t be voting. Of course that’s a very optimistic
outlook which assumes America will survive as a democracy and
democrats will still want my vote. With 16 trillion in debt and plenty
of Kool Ade to go around what are the odds? When otherwise normal
looking Americans who have enjoyed the benefits and bounty of
Capitalism for a lifetime of raising kids, vacationing abroad, dining
out twice a week and drinking top shelf imported vodka vote for change
it makes you want to scratch your head with a pitch fork. When
otherwise normal looking Americans vote for a pig in a poke and the
national debt goes through the roof in direct proportion to freedoms
lost, jobs lost, sovereignty gone and neighbors looking cross eyed at
one another you have to wonder if they ever knew the difference
between Socialism and a Constitutional Republic…Maybe the problem is
that dead people vote the same as they did when they were 9 to 5-ing
it on terra firma…with their eyes closed.

A couple of fairly liberal guys are heading our way, hanging on to the
back of a hook and ladder rescue truck, telling us not to lose hope
just yet. Romney and Ryan. They claim they can turn things around
before I buy the farm and those ungrateful bastards that voted away my
freedom and my kids’ legacy will get their jobs back and live to sell
out the greatest nation again the next time Jack the Ripper shows up
asking for our country’s hand in solemn matrimony; just for the sake
of change.

The way it pans out the same demographics will be in play in 2012 as
in 2008; only the dumbest have lost their appetite for hope and change
and will mercifully abstain in apathy and the silent majority will
dutifully vote their blind conservative interests and this clumsy ship
of state will turn right once more, radar still inoperative, home port
16 trillion miles away. Lesson learned? Ask Ronald Reagan, Abraham
Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin…

When the Constitution is amended to eternalize the nation as a
functioning Constitutional Republic ask me again. Until then I guess
we’re destined to vote democrat in absentia for decades to come. At
least I’ll be in good company talking about what almost was and what
could still be if only entitlements didn’t get in the way every 230
years…Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and me.

For now, watch the conventions with discerning interest, listen to the
debates and judge the character, intelligence and motives of each
player on the stage. Carefully consider your options, what is best for
America, for your family and for your narrow idiotic self interest and
on November 2nd, 2012 go the the polls and vote your conscience. Pay
no attention to the corruption, lies, betrayal, ineptitude and
treasonous activities of the last 4 years…This is an important
decision that will have a profound effect on your future, the future
of your children and grandchildren. Yep it’s a new day and we must
choose wisely. Decisions, decisions, decisions…Freedom or slavery?
Bankruptcy or solvency? The Lady in the Harbor has an excuse to not
see. The French shipped her over here blindfolded. What’s your excuse?
I’m addressing the liberal sycophants, pompous elitist democrat pseudo
intellectuals…who discuss the logic and thought process of the
forefathers as though they can now sit in judgement and correct their
errors; and it always boils down to the same tired, failed socialist
tricks and trials, lipsticked and rouged, trotted out to destroy a new
generation of gullible, lazy, entitled youth and render the
Constitution irrelevant.

The Lord, in His wisdom and mercy limits our time on earth and
promises eternity only after a trial of our patience, fortitude and

God Bless America.


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