Total Transformation Totally Exposed

Folks, You can’t change America without first killing America

Why is the term “Total transformation” so difficult for some Americans
to understand? Or are we so insecure in our nationalism that we accept
criticism so severe, so all encompassing that we anticipate
improvement and automatically accept the unknown? Where in the
translation of the words total transformation is improvement present?
It may be implied but that is part of the deception, not the reality.

Obama has no improvements to show for his 4 years, yet in his current
campaign speeches he has no reluctance in saying “we can’t turn back”.
He doesn’t say from what. Why are we not unanimously asking who he is
telling that to? Certainly not to Americans. He is simply and truly
asking for continued support from the cabal that seeks to transform
the nation. He’s done a pretty good job for them and craves their
praise and solicits their approval.

While Obama was campaigning for office in 2008 and since, millions of
Americans accepted verbal denunciation of everything we stand for; our
Judea Christian heritage, the Constitution and Bill of Rights,
American exceptionalism, a strong and proud military, Capitalism,
entrepreneurship, family values and on and on. These same Americans
are quick to tell the rest of us that they love America as much as we
do. Really? Like a couple who purchase their dream home and then
remodel it from top to bottom, in and out. It is illogical to live in
America, enjoy the freedom and benefits no other society has and vote
for change…especially change coming from a totally unknown and
unproven quantity. It demonstrates a benign stupidity born of
ignorance and liberalism, unappreciative of the content of our sacred
founding documents, unaware of their meaning. Someone should tell them
you can’t change America without first killing America.

Obama tells us he loves America even while he tears down our
institutions. He tells us that he’s a Christian while he removes all
symbols and icons of Christianity from public view and promotes and
extols Islamic Muslim ideas, that he will reduce our debt while he
borrows and spends like a drunk in a casino with no rules, that he
will provide employment while he destroys jobs, that small business is
the backbone of our economy while he taxes and regulates them out of
existence, that our military is doing a great job while he reduces
their effectiveness, takes credit for their achievements and gets a
bill passed that gives him a private militia as well funded and strong
as our standing army…He calls for “comprehensive immigration reform”
while he grants amnesty by edict and regulates our border patrol into
impotency. He calls for fair elections and sues the states that would
require photo ID at the ballot box.

Obama tells us he is an American but produces two forged birth
certificates and remains mute when a third is produced, evidently not
forged, that agrees with his, Michele’s, his grandmother’s and his
aunt’s plainly spoken, unambiguous statements of fact; that his place
of birth was Kenya, also acknowledged by a sign erected in Kenya,
proudly proclaiming it is the “birthplace of Barak Obama”. Maybe there
are two Barak Hussein Obama’s. Will the real Barry Soetero please
stand up?

Instead of outrage our query at his quest for a second term is “are
you better off now than you were four years ago?” The only answer that
puts everything into perspective is “no, we are not better off. We
still have a cabal in our midst, tearing down our morale, national
pride, economic stability, military readiness, national sovereignty
and religious identity.”

If we have fair elections and if Romney wins, the cabal will stand
aside, but ever so slightly. From the sidelines they will continue to
snipe and fight for every advance they made under Obama and dog
Romney’s presidency from the Supreme Court and both Houses until their
next opportunity to accelerate their agenda comes along. Incremental
political warfare has worked for them and it is their stock in trade.
I believe they are not prepared to risk the court advantage they now
enjoy by forcing their hand with violence or Marshall Law to seize the
presidency and avoid elections if they aren’t positive of success. A
showdown can have the opposite effect and result in a unified,
patriotic, unforgiving electorate, clinging to their guns and

This is the United States of America. It is not a multinational
manufacturing company that calls a board meeting to determine if they
should hire a new advertising company or create a new logo. As
Americans we are wrong to suffer the opinions of fools who call for
open academic discussion and the exchange of opinions on the contents
of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is for a Governors’
Convention to mull and consider, God help us. Despite what Democrats,
liberals and proponents for change would have us believe there is no
ambiguity in our founding documents; no disparrity in what the
founders wrote and what they meant. They are concise, forthright,
timeless and permanent. They are the essence and embodiment of wisdom
derived from biblical teaching and historical evidence. With this
blueprint for human endeavor as our guiding light America has achieved
unprecedented success. We do ourselves and our founders a huge
disservice when we tolerate any dissension from the genius of our
founding documents, whether from a citizen, a politician or clergy. It
is what it is. We are by design, conception and inception a
Constitutional Republic. These are the blessings from the Almighty we
are privileged to benefit from and there is no wisdom in a politician
who claims they are problematical…only a foreign agenda.

My fellow Americans. Stop measuring political milestones. Our only
considerations in the selection of a President should be whether he is
willing to serve the people and if he has the will to keep the
political discourse inside the confines of the Constitution, the Bill
of Rights and our religious heritage, come what may.
Obama has proclaimed publicly his antipathy to all that is America.
Hear him, listen to him, reject him. Our forefathers provided us with
all the change any human being could wish for. Our duty is to defend
the Republic against all enemies. Change is our enemy.

Disarm Obama not me.


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  • Sheila Smokler  On September 5, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Barack and Michelle Obama first sitting President of the USA that does not have a law degree. Both had to give it up. Obama for not telling the truth or go to jail and Michelle for Insurance Fraud

    • treasonamongus  On November 30, 2012 at 6:34 pm

      They gave it up so that it would not be taken from them…Expect what you get when you invite strangers into your home…

    • treasonamongus  On December 19, 2012 at 11:13 pm

      Both Michele and Barak had law degrees. They voluntarily gave them up to avoid sancions by the BAR. Clinton’s was revoked. Sterling democrats all. Well Obama is a fascist in democrat clothing but you get the drift..

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