It is no longer Democratic to be Democratic…

Folks, Misplaced loyalty is the worst betrayal when truth
beckons from all sides.

20,000 Muslims will attend the National Democrat convention, by
invitation. Does it follow that with a Democrat administration Sharia
Law will find equal footing with our civil laws? It also follows that
Muslims will be held to a different standard than Jewish and Christian
Americans when similar crimes are tried in our courts…even heinous
crimes. I should say especially heinous crimes because the Koran
endorses murder as a solution to social, political, familial and
religious conundrums.

Do you believe that Muslim terrorists and Jihadists are all in the
Middle East and the Muslims disrupting our society have assimilated
into our culture? Can you name a terrorist organization that is not
Muslim? Or an act of terror in America not perpetrated by Muslims?

Did anyone notice that many liberal judges have long since considered
Sharia Law in their (actually our) courts which represents a major
deterioration in our system of justice; a sharp departure from our
Judea Christian constitutional framework…Defying the Constitution of
the United States and the constitutions of all 51 states. What does
that tell you about the undue influence exerted by Muslims in our
governments while a sympathetic administration aids and abets all
Muslim initiatives in this country and in the Middle East?

Would you like to be a Jew with a traffic violation facing a judge
that has allowed Sharia Law to influence his judgement? Would you be
comfortable before such a judge no matter what your Religious
denomination? I think not, yet we have carelessly elected judges we
know so little about.

Obama has tossed a rope over the gallows and invited the Jews to
Friday night service; and it won’t be Shabbat; they will attend…and
they will vote and they will suffer incredible indignities, prejudice
being the very least offense. My dear Jewish brothers and sisters; the
Democrat Party has long since abandoned you. If you fight, Christians
will fight for you and with you. If you go meekly millions will
needlessly suffer the fate you choose for yourselves…The Fascist in
the White House takes that part of his ideology from the Koran.

Your party loyalty is being repaid with betrayal. It is time for Jews
to separate their liberal considerations from their political
affiliations. Liberalism has no place in politics and certainly no
place in a Constitutional Republic. No government can pass laws that
require Americans to have good hearts and charitable souls. Americans
have demonstrated consistently that we are our brothers’ keepers and
give generously of their own volition. Conservatives, capitalists if
you will, prefer to do so directly and not have government act as
middleman for acts of kindness and dutiful consideration. Jews who are
taught to give as part of their Talmudic teaching should know this
better than anyone.

It is time for all men of good will to take a stand. Vote to save
America not some politician’s career. Act to save our Judea Christian

God bless America


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  • Invisible Mikey  On September 3, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    Sorry, Guido. I had to drop out after the obvious initial lie about “20,000 Muslims”. The TOTAL number of delegates AND visitors to the convention is expected to be 35,000. Doesn’t anyone believe in fact-checking these days?

    • treasonamongus  On December 19, 2012 at 11:16 pm

      mea culpa. I didn’t mean to give them a pass…I don’t fact check very much…if I offend a few fascists, Islamists, democrats I’m ahead of the game..

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