The Right to Dissent is an Obligation.

Folks; how do want your fish wrapped?

I just love it when Obama’s legion and other liberals object to
factual statements by simply denying their validity. “Prove it” they
say. You refer to tons of proof and they counter with another canned
denial…”Are you still making that dumb claim?” as if the passage of
time corrects all wrongs. Or a blatant, “that’s a lie” with finality
or “the republicans are just as guilty”…two wrongs being the
arbiter…So I now ask these Kool Ade induced fellow citizens…how do
you want your fish wrapped? Who or what will you accept as an
irrefutable, undeniable, court of last resort, clarion of truth? If
you are waiting for Obama’s White House to come out with their hands
up and throw themselves on the mercy of the Tea Party we’ll all be
speaking Arabic or Chinese before you admit there is a remote
possibility of betrayal in our midst.

The Obama legacy, if four years of infamy is considered a legacy, is
rife with unsustainable claims, broken promises, outright lies,
contemptuous behavior, acts of betrayal, unlawful edicts,
contradictory statements, incriminating evidence, avoidance of due
course, circumvention of due process and you name it and the critical
mass is so overwhelming that we are becoming embarrassed for those who
continue to deny, deny, deny. Like a fisherman’s haul left on a pier
to rot in the sun the mountain of deceit is so overwhelming and
condemning that the stink is better than a GPS. If you are looking for
the fetid evidence it’s ubiquitous..

Even I can search the Internet and find U tube recordings of Obama and
Michelle stating plainly what Obama and his entourage deny with great
regularity; he was born in Kenya according to those cleverly dubbed
recordings. Nope. “U tube recordings or recordings of any kind don’t
prove nuthin”.

Books reveal with incredible detail his actual sources of inspiration
and religious, political and social convictions, quite contrary to our
heritage, American Constitutional doctrine and Judea Christian
founding but “books like that are just propaganda.”

We have court records; Obama spends millions to keep his records
sealed. “That’s his business. The records are sealed so how do you
know they are negative?”

Experts have examined both birth certificates and conclude with
certainty that both are forgeries or doctored. You have experts that
claim the opposite but can’t name them.

Economists warn that we are headed for Armageddon unless we change
direction and policies very soon. “He inherited that from Bush and the
economy is improving.”

What about articles in foreign newspapers where heads of state express
deep concern for our future and the effect on their countries? “If
they were true it would be in our newspapers.”

Really? You still believe the Fourth Estate has a shred of credibility
left? “You said the same thing when George Bush was president.”

Generally one would say that all the newspapers are good for is to
wrap fish in. But sitting on the pier knee deep in rotting fish they
hear no evil, see no evil and write no evil…No fish to wrap but the
lies they print and omissions they don’t…stink up the world of
journalism and honest reporting and make Benedict Arnold look like a
good third party candidate.

Stop asking us to show you evidence. This is your country too and you
owe it to yourselves and your children to end the denial and accept
the truth. Obama is the enemy. We are losing our freedom by
presidential decree and arbitrary decisions to negate court rulings
which do not fit the Fascist agenda.

Our First and Second Amendments are under constant attack and already
denied us by Federal Agencies that impose their will on citizens in
remote, under reported un American incidents. European history is
repeating itself on our shores and too many Americans are in denial or
willing to accept the rule of any government they believe to be
lawfully elected. That is not what the forefathers intended for us. It
is our legacy to question and resist government authority run amok.

Obama is arming government agencies. There are Muslim training camps
all over America. We have strengthened the presence of Islam in the
Middle East and in our cities and suburbs, laws are passed that
curtail our right to assemble and limit free speech, we are told that
spending money saves money, that destroying jobs improves employment,
that failed policies only need to be expanded to see positive results
and that our finest and bravest are politically motivated and
gutless…What the hell are we waiting for?

Disarm Obama not me…and by me I mean all lawful Americans. Remove
Obama by any and all means available to us constitutionally and
restore common sense for our survival.

Stand by the Judea Christian values that provide our freedom as
Americans and the Constitution that protects our right to dissent.


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