He Did What?

Folks; the facts on the ground; undiluted, unvarnished and irrefutable

Unarguably Obama has been the most divisive, unapologetic national
figure on the political scene in recorded history. The man who said
“elections have consequences and I won”, arrogantly intimating that
Republican ideas will have short shrift in his tenure, set the tone
for enmity and animosity in the country. Again demonstrating his sense
of authoritarian rule he famously said “Republicans can come along for
the ride but they will have to sit in the back of the bus”, showing no
inclination to negotiate or compromise or indulge checks and balances
during his term. In four years of presiding over the most insulting,
demeaning and derogatory democrat party in history he has never seen
fit to apologize or distance himself from despicable people, unsavory
attacks or inappropriate words. He has postured himself with the
stubborn, imperious pose of a dictator, chin thrust forward defiantly
and presumptively on occasions that common courtesy and civility would
have called for a degree embarrassment, modesty or humility; a pose
unbecoming the office of the presidency of this humble nation of
unsurpassed achievement.

The “man who killed Osama Bin Laden”, never did give whole hearted
support to the Seals’ incredibly dangerous , intricate and brave
operation but shouldered his way through facts and acts of heroism to
claim sole credit for himself. The retired Seal who dared to expose
this false bravado is now threatened with retaliatory prosecution.

The man who claims Executive Privilege in an effort to withhold
possibly incriminating documents supports his Attorney General.
Together this dynamic duo, denying due process, swear they knew
nothing, saw nothing and heard nothing; except that it may have been
George Bush’s administration that launched Fast and Furious.

“Loose lips sink ships” is a slogan from our glorious war time past; a
patriotic call for unity and national security. But this
administration has adapted the words to mean loose lips bring Obama
glory. No secret is sacred except the secret of who leaks and why.

The man who spends millions in attorney fees to withhold all of his
personal records accuses his Republican opponent of being, of all
things, a “birther”. Considering that reliable experts now agree that
both versions of his “birth” certificate are forged and doctored, the
audacity is palpable.

I would have a modicum (perhaps) of respect for Obama if he would
plainly state his intentions to decimate this great nation
economically, militarily, morally and prestigiously. You would have to
admire a man who admits his plan to overthrow America and discredit
the notion of a nation founded on Judea Christian principles of self
determination has failed…but he still intends to rule by
presidential edict…

I would breathe a sigh of relief if just one of the Republicans on the
national scene right now would decry Obama’s evident alien assumption
of the presidency and call for a full out investigation to arrest and
prosecute the entire cabal. The ensuing fallout would reestablish our
national sovereignty and end all pretext of “respect for the office”
as a pitiful, politically correct excuse to not demand full disclosure
on every aspect of Obama’s unbecoming behavior. His denial of Judea
Christian heritage, anti Constitution and Bill of Rights statements
and edicts, inexplicable, contrarian economic decisions and
unilaterally breaking old and establishing new strange bedfellow
alliances are beyond suspect and at least incriminating. Now that
would be a real “adult” conversation.

There is no remorse or regret or even a courteous “excuse me” uttered
or hinted by this callous, boorish, unrepentant, defiant band of
liars, braggarts and deceivers in power. Our inability or
unwillingness to bring their entire portfolio front and center weakens
our claims of integrity and accountability. Obama must be exposed and
recalled or history will record our generation as negligent of our
responsibilities and incapable of passing the torch of liberty.

After all is said and done Obama’s most egregious, truly transforming
“accomplishments” affect our free speech, right of assembly, right to
have and bear arms, interstate commerce, taxation without
representation, religious freedom, immigration laws and military
strength. He’s been a busy little Islamic Marxist and no one has seen
fit to address these issues for what they are; treasonous if he is
proven to be a citizen…and if not…acts of war.

Our time honored custom of holding conventions and nominating a
potential next president is either above the fray or below the radar
on these harsh truths. Perhaps it is better that way. If the result is
a peaceful transition of power almost unique to our nation, and a
Republican administration that will restore the dignity of self
sufficiency and economic stability, that will be quite an achievement
in itself. I for one will impatiently await the return to our
constitutionally recorded order of authority; a nation of the people,
by the people and for the people.

The only thing Obama has apoloized for is our record of achievementand
and our existence as a great nation. For this I demand an apology.

God Bless America,

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