Only the Government has Motive

A madman goes on a rampage now and then to the delight of anti gun
supporters. Before victims can be identified, motives assigned,
families notified or mourners reach for their Kleenex, Second
Amendment dilettantes trot out their trite, inane arguments and arcane
logic to disarm law abiding citizens.

It is as though the gun detractors fear that madmen who go on killing
sprees are in danger of being shot unless good guys are disarmed. I
wonder how many cowboys were shot in saloons by crooked gamblers after
they checked their Colt 45’s at the door.

There is not a shred of evidence that strict gun laws or guns made
illegal lowers crime; quite the opposite. Yet these rabid do gooders
persist in their disproven theories and are relentless in their quest
to put law abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals who disregard
laws. Never mind that laws already exist that make gun ownership
illegal for felons and in some cases even minor law violators. I’m
certain that career criminals support the morons who seek to make
crime a safer occupation.

So why the hue and cry after each tragic death? Are there that many
Americans who side with the crazies and want to remain in their homes
with only a prayer that no harm will come their way? Are most
businessmen with assets on display and cash receipts piling up, in
favor of taking their chances against armed robbers with 911 the only
protection in town? Is there some twisted comfort in knowing that the
gun which is about to ventilate your rib cage or splatter your brain
matter is illegal?

If recent events upset your sensibilities to the extent that you found
yourself agreeing with Bill O’Reilly and Michael Savage that automatic
weapons aren’t necessary to bring down Bambi, stop and think for a
moment. To help you think more clearly read and reread the Second
Amendment for yourself. Read what the forefathers had to say about the
need for the Second Amendment and its importance. Behind 95% of the
hysterics and faux pleas for sanity is a government objective. The
antis have a podium supplied by the loudest bullhorn in America, the
current administration; the Fourth Estate and talking heads
regurgitate spoon fed diatribes like the mindless sycophants they have

No legitimate institution or person should quarrel with the logic and
intention of the Right to Have and Bear Arms. When that something is
the government, beware; be advised and be vigilant. Stand your ground;
resist with all your might; do not be misled. Recognize this truism.
No matter who is suggesting the Second Amendment be revisited he
speaks for the government, knowingly or inadvertently; the only
institution that benefits from an unarmed electorate. A government
that comes for our guns will come for our tongues.

“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed
until they try take it from us”…Perhaps Thomas Jefferson uttered
those words but I guarantee that he agreed with them. Unless you have
achieved room temperature as a permanent condition you must realize
“they” have come for our guns.

I’m waiting for a logical explanation for the recent purchase of high
powered hollow point ammunition by government agencies…

Disarm Obama not me.

God blessed America…respect that.


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