A Republic for Congress, Socialism for us…


Conventional wisdom predicts a close, hard fought election. With a

biased media and rehearsed, programmed, ideological pundits, a culture
of lies as acceptable behavior among politicians and a culture of
Islam that preaches the advantages of lying to achieve a political or
social victory, I maintain that we can no longer ascertain what true
conventional wisdom is and what we are asked to accept as conventional
wisdom. Add to that the fact that conventional wisdom has proven to be
wrong at least half the time even when we didn’t know we were being
lied to as a matter of course, and what are we left with?

We are left with a very divided society that is sticking doggedly to
traditional associations, beliefs and party lines. We are left with
mutual distrust, disbelief and unreliable promises around which we try
to develop valid opinions. Our most reliable indicator is often our
gut feeling but it is a rare individual indeed who will make major
decisions based solely on gut feelings; and stubborn resistance to
hard facts trumps gut feelings, which takes us back to the original
premise that conventional wisdom is not a reliable source.

This morning I resorted to basic political reality at a discussion
group that followed the usual pattern of accusation, denial and
entrenched opinion. I asked if anyone in the room had given up on the
idea of a Constitutional Republic. I suggested that if they believed
that America is a Constitutional Republic they can pick any issue of
disagreement to test themselves on…Social Security, minimum wage,
health care, immigration or birth control and on any of these
important issues is anyone arguing for the Constitutional position or
are we all arguing about which government program we prefer; the
Democrat’s or the Republican’s. If the Republicans are offering a
better government program than the Democrats or vice versa where have
we fallen as a nation that was given the golden opportunity to be self
governed? The discussion then briefly turned to how do we return to a
Constitutional Republic and the one hour meeting came to an end;

The answer to that million dollar question is one that the great
majority of Americans are not ready or willing to deal with. The
question poses the probability that the will to restore the nation as
a functioning democratic, Constitutional Republic does not exist in
any of the three branches of government and perhaps the real conundrum
is how to establish a different form of government. They do not wish
to anger the Gods and reject the 800 pound gorilla in the room by
admitting that entitlements have no place in a Republic. You see the
dirty little secret is that a Republic is totally dependent on
Capitalism for its existence.

We have 435 Representatives in Washington who have excluded or excused
themselves from every reprehensible law or program they foisted on us
and are now trying to figure out how to commit us to socialism while
they enjoy the benefits of self determination and capitalism. The
answer is simple; coronate 435 kings and let them do battle to the
death until only one is left standing and have a firing squad standing
by to dispatch that cheater.

A government that comes for your guns is coming for your tongues. This
election, with God’s continued blessing, will slow or reverse the
spiral of despair, oust the Fascist in the White House and in 8 years
we will be a much improved patient with a terminal prognosis unless we
address the true issues underlying our fall from grace. At least for
the next 8 years work to change the conversation from how do we
improve our credit rating, health care and international standing, to
how do we restore this nation as a functioning constitutional republic
as envisioned and devised by the founding fathers. We can start by
restoring the Almighty as the founding resource for our body of law.


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