The Right to Have and Bear Arms is Not Negotiable

The National Association for Gun Rights reports: “This time it’s not
whispers in the halls of the United Nations during the “Small Arms
Treaty” conference, it’s in the commies’ insulting annual report on
U.S. human rights.” From China’s report: “The United States
prioritizes the right to keep and bear arms over the protection of
citizens’ lives and personal security and exercises lax firearm
possession control, causing rampant gun ownership.”

Hey! All you juiced up liberals who rationalize the Second Amendment
to determine which guns Americans have a need to own…Supercilious
voices of reason who buy and perpetuate the “hunters don’t need
automatic weapons” argument and the rest of you Bill of Rights
negotiators and forefather second guessers who will hide behind my
fire power when push comes to shove…know that Communist China and
Barak Obama have found yet another controversial issue they agree on
without reservation or controversy.

Any American so misguided and uninformed that he cannot see the irony
in this collaboration is guilty of unintentional, yet deadly,
betrayal. Whoever said that “the beauty of the Second Amendment is
that is not necessary until they try to take it away” never dreamt
that some otherwise patriotic Americans would side with the anti gun

China, now fearful of a chopstick rebellion, somehow feels that their
opinion on the matter has weight in the hearts and minds of American
gun owners and defenders of the Constitution. Obama et-al accept the
support of a clandestine (who knew?) ally, the United Nations and even
Bill O’Reilly and Michael Savage to soften and justify their hard
nosed, unrelenting, prioritized efforts to take our guns; one
automatic weapon at a time, one clip at a time, one bullet at a time,
but inexorably determined that America shall be disarmed.

I am equally determined that no power on earth shall challenge the
wisdom of the forefathers and the freedom I am entrusted to preserve;
the entire Bill of Rights in their original, undiluted format as
intended by God Almighty. No American should hesitate to join me and
yet hold himself out to be one of an informed electorate. If you love
your country you defend it from all enemies.

My white knuckles wrapped tightly on the stock of any weapon I can lay
my hands on will greet the government that seeks to take my place in
the order of Constitutional authority.

God Bless America,


The chopstick

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