You Can Only Educate the Next Generation

Independents annoy the hell out of me…they end up being spoilers and
bend with the wind…Any group whose loyalty depends on the daily news
rather than principled opinions is too unpredictable for me and
inconsistent with long term national goals.

The communists that set us up for a fall decades ago knew enough to
dumb down the electorate; an informed electorate is their worst
fear…Our challenge is that an uneducated electorate is very
difficult to inform…What resonates with idiots are the sound bites
that exonerates their stupidity. Communists know how to play into that
audience; conservatives have the unlikely task of re-education…

Why Republicans don’t play back Obama’s own words over and over again
is a mystery we probably don’t want to solve unless we can also
understand the genesis of the invisible line they won’t cross. The
average American still doesn’t know that Obama stated that our wounded
veterans should pay for their own health care; and the tone with which
he spoke or his negative comments on the Constitution, the Bill of
Rights, the American flag, the National Anthem and American
exceptionalism, his high praise for the Muslim call to prayer and
countless other revelatory statements that just can’t be made up…in
his own words. Do the Republicans also fear an informed electorate?

It’s not his Health Care that’s the problem it is how he got it
passed, the Bills attached that deny our freedom and the massive
control over our economic liquidity and the will of the people.  We
should fear the Bills inside the Bill that have no relationship to
medicine. Therein lays the Obama odyssey. That plus his eagerness to
bypass Congress, issue edicts and declare war on the states over gun
rights, free speech, the right to assemble and immigration, dismantle
the relevance of the Constitution and our American heritage. Stop
defending personal attacks and attack the source; that’s fundamental
battle readiness.

We should fear and protest his comfort with unfriendly, even enemy
nations and his estrangement of traditional, long-standing allies. We
should protest his realignment of power in the Middle East. We should
denounce his anti Christianity policies and his support for Islamic
causes and Muslim terrorism. We should question intensely his claim to
Christianity and his participation in Muslim ceremonies.

We would have no reason to parry these things repeatedly if we had an
American electorate that lives up to its responsibilities as citizens
of a Constitutional Republic or are even aware of those
responsibilities. America has reached the nadir of division along all
lines of individuality; color, race, wealth, age, nationality,
sexuality and political preference; and incredibly among free
people…Democracy vs. Socialism…Political preference and democracy
vs. socialism stand out in my mind and raise the hair on my neck…As
a Constitutional Republic there should not be a centimeter of
clearance between Americans’ political preferences.

With God’s help we may win this election…We could not possibly have
a more unsuccessful, failed presidency to compete against…If only
Republicans were of one mind and one heart…But if we win the
election our hardest job will be to prevent malaise and complacency
and fail to take up the enormous, highly controversial task of total
restoration after the ruinous damage of total transformation.

Disarm Obama not me, not my friends. End the revolution before it begins.

God bless America,


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