Conserve the Republic

Democrats are the party of the Klu Klux Klan, and it was a Democrat
who stood at the school house door and democrats who burdened the
underachievers with the spoils of success. Only democrats are able to
identify and call out Uncle Toms to micro manage racism as it pertains
to “real blacks” and those who have been conscripted by white folks.
They are equal opportunity racists. As professional racists they have
become the arbiters of fairness and use their racist remarks, hate
speech and outrageous statements as the standard with which no
Conservative, Republican or Christian can compete. It is their sole
privilege and tactic and they feel empowered to accuse others while
they claim executive privilege.

Electing Republicans slows the progression of socialism but never ends
the political activism which continuously seeks incremental progress
regardless of which party is in office…Since we are officially a
Constitutional Republic the constant 100 years of challenges to
transform America is a direct assault on our official form of
government and constitute acts of treason, at least by definition. It
is only a stretch of reality because we created the Republic but never
excluded alternate forms of government from competing in the election
process; something the forefathers regretted but could not achieve.

The restoration of America must go beyond bringing us back to our
original ideal; if we are to survive the next all out assault to undo
the Constitutional Republic it is imperative that America amend the
Constitution to protect the Republic. This Republic can only survive
if the free market is left to create commerce requiring the freedom
and encouragement of entrepreneurship and shared risk: the essence of

Socialism, Communism and other oligarchies cannot exist in a society
that enjoys the freedom to achieve the highest potential for its
citizens and provides for government authority limited by the voice of
the people. And so it is that would-be communists, socialists,
Marxists and dictators must worm their way into the fabric of society
with lies, false promises, wild accusations and policies of any means
to the desired result; which is the overthrow of the last
Constitutional Republic on earth. That is the transformation Obama
spoke of, and that, in my opinion would be treasonous if Obama is an
American citizen; if not it is merely the most successful non military
cabal in history.

Transformation begins by co-opting the most vulnerable, corruptable
and greediest components in society and then seeks to increase their
numbers by taxation, confiscation, bribery and the politics of
division. The usurpers use the very laws they intend to subvert to
gain a majority of actual voters. The entitlement society can be
counted on to vote for their personal self interests and liberals in
America can be counted on to support taxing the rich to disable the
poor; it becomes a self perpetuating cycle of ever increasing
dependency. Republics through the ages have not been able to survive
the incremental erosion of the laws of self determination. America now
resides at the precipice of dictatorship and if we survive the
upcoming election urgent consideration must be given to the
proposition that we outlaw transformation constitutionally. This can
be achieved in the slippery slope of a governors’ convention, but it
truly is a slippery slope.

Disarm Obama. The First Amendment has been compromised through stealth
legislation and presidential edict; the Second Amendment requires far
more political trickery and instilled liberal outrage…but that is
the agenda of the Obama camp and the people will surely pay with their
freedom and eventually with their lives.

Protect the Bill of Rights regardless of rhetoric that seeks to
undermine our dependency on guns and religion, the Constitution and
Conservative principles; only Obama and would-be dictators find our
founding documents “problematic”; we must see them as our saving
God blessed America. Do not underestimate His word and His stake in
our survival. Through Him we will prosper as a nation; without Him the
path we are on will grow steeper and shorter.


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