Rumors have no beginning, no end and no conscience.

I was having some idle chatter with a friend of a friend about boxing and politics. This friend of a friend was telling me that he heard from someone who said they may have read about it a while back…that Harry Reid was a prize fighter once. I said that was pretty common knowledge and I heard it before; although I think he’s a sucker for a right cross. “Yes but did you know why he had to give up the fight game?” I thought it was because he had no strategy to engage in a fair fight…”No” countered my new best friend. “It was a problem with incontinence and loose bowel syndrome. The minute he ducked under the ropes to enter the ring he had to duck out again and run for the nearest men’s room, forfeiting the fight. On two or three occasions he soiled himself right in the ring. It was when they found him crying like a girl in the showers that they realized his intestinal fartitude was fear induced.”

“No shix! I never heard of such a thing! It must have embarrassed his dad too!” Judging from the strained look on his face I’d say this is absolutely true.

For a guy who won’t budge on the budget and likes the term “dead on arrival” it isn’t hard to understand why the Senate dropped out of the balance of powers thing. Facing honest opposition brings back old infirmities and old habits die hard. I hate to say it but Harry’s political strategy stinks…Like Harry the prize fighter we are due for a change…Let’s see to it that the new Senate Majority Leader can put up his dukes without running for the outhouse.

On a totally unrelated topic, as far as I know Mitt got very little from his dad…he’s more of a self made man, and that would tend to make any dad even more proud of his successful son.

When you vote keep the Senate race in mind…Obama wouldn’t be half as successful without their full cooperation and collaboration to ignore the rule of law, the balance of powers and the proclivity to lie, obfuscate, deny, delay and denigrate.

Disarm Obama, not me. End the revolution before it begins.


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