Take a tip from Gabby

What did you bring away from the Olympics? The tax on gold medals put
a bit of a damper on the spirit of the competition for some of
us…Most Americans seem to agree that the specter of big brother
coveting our finest athletes’ accomplishments cheapens the aura of
international competition.

Ironically, the commies and socialists pay their gold medal winners
handsomely, while America sets a Fascist state example for the world
to see, by announcing all medal winners will be taxed for their
trouble. A slight gasp is heard internationally…Italy, China, Russia
and France are rewarding excellence and the United States is punishing
success;  a reversal in philosophical positions of epic proportions.
It demonstrates that Obama is more committed to ideological
constraints than his big, failed government counterparts. It
demonstrates that Obama is a collectivist that is bent on dispelling
the concept of individual achievement and his zeal has no boundaries.
It demonstrates that the total transformation promised embodies the
condemnation of American exceptionalism.

Repealing the decision to tax individual achievement in the face of
universal rejection further demonstrates the shallowness and lack of
integrity this administration brings to our political discourse.

But American exceptionalism is not merely how fast an athlete can
travel from point A to point B on land or in a swimming pool; it is
that and much more beyond that. American exceptionalism is the
edification of knowledge that we are free to achieve our highest
potential and rewarded, never punished, if our highest potential is
less than the paragon of excellence. We are free to fail and try again
as long as our personal endurance and spirit permit. It is that
freedom, completely removed from the jurisdiction or concerns of
government that engenders fairness, good sportsmanship and healthy
competition. It is the ideal so well espoused in the spirit and body
of the Constitution that gives dictators and autocrats concern for
their longevity or success in their need to control the hearts and
minds of the common man. Our athletes are not burdened with concerns
of giving credit to the God they individually worship and not the
state that trained them and demands performance for national prestige
and political pride, not personal achievement.

It will take more than one Obama term and more than one generation to
undo the American “can do” spirit or erase generations of American
confidence born of self determination endowed by God. Only the
American Constitution confirms what belongs to God and what belongs to

Amid the controversy and competitive wrangling there is one shining
example of all we stand for as Americans. One 16 year old smiling
beacon provides a prime example of the natural order of authority and
becomes a role model that we are indeed blessed to call our own. The
simple heart-felt words of America’s newest darling, Gabby Douglas,
hold the formula for all success and the restoration of America. “All
the glory goes up to Him and the blessings fall down on me.” A humble
statement of fact and enduring Faith.

The sooner we remember God’s commitment to us and act accordingly the
sooner we will begin the restoration of our great Nation as a
functioning, democratic, Constitutional Republic.

God Blessed America…what are we doing with that Blessing?

Demand that Obama apologize and step down. End the revolution before it begins.


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