Full court press…yo​ur guns or your freedom?

The fine print in the Constitution, recently discovered by Obama scholars…visible only to the super intelligent, the intimidated weak-kneed traitors and the conveniently enlightened left wing apostles has been discovered in the tomb of the unknown soldier or the catacombs deep in the bowels of transformation city; there is conflicting eyewitness testimony.

How these secret, formerly unknown transcripts will affect the true meaning of the founding documents will be revealed only on a need to know basis, by Justices of the Supreme Court and other judicial venues such as the 9th District, and courts of law in insignificant, otherwise unremarkable districts, busy writing law, astounding the Gods, rewarding criminality and demoralizing victims.

Now it can be told that every time the life time appointees make a ruling that leaves the people who depend on their integrity speechless, dumbfounded or irrationally irate, it is due to the heavy burden these mystical defenders and interpreters of law must bear, now that the fine print scrolls have been unearthed.

It turns out that the founders had exceptions in mind when the Second Amendment was drafted, as to which arms we have the right to bear. The triple rubber band sling shot, capable of launching three deadly stones simultaneously was not even issued to our Revolutionary fighters for fear of giving the colonies an unfair advantage; the cat o’ nine tails whip with more than nine tails, the double edged sword of Edwardian legend and the rotten egg dispenser were all weapons of mass destruction deemed too lethal and unnecessary for the needs of the peaceful, post Revolution American country gentlemen, fox hunters. It now comes to light after 250 years that the Second Amendment excluded these weapons and thus a precedent was set so that mighty, all knowing traitorous Judges in the 21st Century could determine what we the people could be trusted with; so sayeth the Honorable Longest serving Justice Antonin Scalia.

I’m sick and tired of this pretext of  months of consideration and study before issuing their considered opinions, contrary to reasonable interpretation…Is that how long it takes to muster up the courage to tell the people that the law isn’t on our side? Maybe that’s the rub…who told these nine ninnies that their job is to interpret? What makes them better qualified to read the king’s English than you or I? “Bonjour. C’est une belle jour de printemps.” Translation by first year High School French student; “Good morning. It is a beautiful Spring day.” Translation by a lifetime appointee to the Supreme Court of the United States. “A thinly veiled French threat that this is the day you will get your come-uppance.”

Translation by 2nd generation American of French descent…”Hello”.

The judges should spend more time deliberating how a particular act contradicts the Constituiton and no time deciding how the Constitution intended to deal with the act. Respect the Constitution not the offender.

Scalia was asked a simple question on the Second Amendment. As an American, which is the preponderant consideration we expect our justices to hold sacrosanct, his answer should have been succinct and straight forward. A parting shot of “We’ll see” doesn’t cut it for me or for millions of Americans who have read the Second Amendment until the ink came off the page and adhered to our retinas.

Scalia, one of the high court’s most conservative justices, said that the majority opinion in the landmark 2008 case of District of  Columbia v. Heller stated the extent of gun ownership “will have to be decided  in future cases.” What happened to precedent? Case law? The Constitution?

Scalia is aware that the Second Amendment is intended for one purpose alone. He doesn’t need to go into hibernation and deep deliberation with eight political agendas to give the only proper response. “The people must not be restricted in their availability of arms sufficient to repel an unjust government.” The answer we got is pathetic and telling. The Supreme Court will rewrite the Constitution and defy the will of the people once more.

Can the high and mighty justices with feet of clay, hearts of stone and brains of mush address the following?

Restrict the right of drug cartels to have automatic weapons. Send them an ultimatum; “turn in your guns or face the wrath of a bean bag Border Patrol vicious offensive…as soon as they stop running and come out of hiding”.

Restrict the right of Syrian murderer and baby killer Bashar Hafez al-Assad to send planes and tanks against small arms and Molotov cocktails. (There, but for the Grace of God…or maybe not)

Restrict Barak’s Hussein Obama’s private militia from being as well funded and armed as our standing army. (Why do we have a president with a Middle East name when we know his real name?)

Restrict the right of Government SWAT teams to burst in on prayer meetings in full regalia, automatic weapons at the ready.

Restrict the Right of the Supreme Court to defy the written word and turn our world topsy turvy on a whim or a capitulation to sinister forces that hold our freedom hostage.

A government that becomes obsessed with disarming the people can’t possibly have innocent motives. If you think this new full court press attack on the Second Amendment is about the caliber or number of rounds we can take into the woods to shoot a deer you are about to lose your liberty.

The Supreme Court is one branch of government. My question is, and I ask with heavy heart, which government would that be?

Disarm Obama. End the revolution before it begins.

God blessed this great nation…what have we done with His blessing?


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