Obama: “You didn’t build that on your own…”

To disarm a reptilian.

I take that vacuous statement personally. I like to say, “I am a self made man; which is what is wrong with me.” When an Islamic Fascist president who has done all he could to discourage entrepreneurship in America says it, it’s not funny and I take umbrage. In Yiddish they have a saying, “When you consider the source, every knock is a boost.” I don’t feel the boost but I know the source all too well.

You who never had a real job, who never created a job, never ran a business and whose record of achievement (or not) is locked up under legal protection, so that you can carry on the Chameleon presidency that deceives, divides and derides are the problem, not the solution. You can’t shine the shoes of a real, self made American entrepreneur.

You didn’t get to be president on your own my friend. By your own words you were inspired and encouraged by a Muslim father, early Islamic education and the Quran. Later you met Bill Ayers, studied Sol Alinsky, trained at Acorn and they saw your potential to do their bidding. On your own you have zero initiative, zero productivity and would never have been elected to anything beyond a reefer mechanic (rolls weed); but your associations offered you the presidency of the United States, in part because you have a disarming broad smile. So to add to your miserable resume you got in with a bad crowd and relished their company. You were force-fed a little wealth and a nice house in Chicago to give you presidential props. Enjoy; the fall is steeper than the rise.

Government didn’t get there on its own either. It was the phenomenal productivity of the very people you scorn and seek to punish, operating freely in a system you seek to transform, that pay 90% of the taxes that built Washington and provides your unearned salary, undeserved vacations and wasteful investments in companies doomed to failure and gifts to your personal preferences in the Middle East.

The kind of help I had; typical American “get up, get out and make something of yourself” help, was the best kind. It came from parents, teachers and early employers who saw some potential in me and encouraged me to go out on my own. In my case the Federal Government was the hindrance that limited my success; nonetheless my career was a positive influence on the economy for many years, thanks to the forgiveness in the American free market… it allows us fail and try again; to live to succeed as often as you have strength get up, dust yourself off and go at it again. It is that quality in America you seek to destroy; but you can’t get it through your Socialist brain that American freedom is God given and no man can deny it.

Good luck in the election. I will do my best to have you removed for cause, demand an apology and see you prosecuted; not that I hold a grudge.

God Blessed America; what are we doing with that blessing?

End the revolution before it begins my friends, disarm Obama.


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