How Will America Survive…

If I have ever had the slightest influence on your decisions and thought processes or if you have humored me and tolerated me over the years, let this be the moment you heed my recommendation..

I have known of KrisAnne Hall for many months and have had the honor to speak with her on the phone on several occasions and I read her articles on the Save America Foundation: Patriots in Action, website faithfully. When I have a legal or constitutional or political question I seek her out.

KrisAnne has the credentials to warrant our attention and respect; she is a young wife, mother, wounded war veteran, attorney, historian and a constitutional expert. She is an American patriot in the tradition of our founders. Many people have credentials and are compelling. KrisAnne is far, far more.

I believe that this young woman is the most important speaker on the nation’s interests in my lifetime. Every American who claims to love this country, be they Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians or unspecified should listen to this amazing patriot. She puts our perceptions, conceptions and impressions in clear perspective. Every human being who has a relationship with God through the religion of their choice and every atheist who chooses not to believe will be informed, inspired and transported.

Every young American should get to know KrisAnne for she is the role model America has waited for. She’s not a movie star, singer, athlete or rock star. She is simply a divinely inspired teacher and messenger. She is the future of America. Her talks are spellbinding and I can’t say enough to encourage you, plead with you and even admonish you to introduce her to your children and let her message seep in while you find new insights and facts about government you were never taught but felt in your heart.

Please click on the link below to see KrisAnne Hall’s powerful video.  If you can make it she will be the featured speaker at the Save America Foundation free public forum in Clearwater, Fl this Thursday, July 26th.  Go to Save America Foundation site for details.

Visit her site below.


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