Hospitality is like fish; after three days it stinks.

Where are we?

I grew up in Brooklyn which provided an advantage over most of the country in many ways. Missouri is called the “show me” state but it was a sin to be gullible in Brooklyn.

We could be led blindfolded for miles around but eventually we’d get our bearings just from the smells. Way up on the Pulaski Skyway anybody from Brooklyn could tell when we were over Passaic, New Jersey; the smell of pigs made your eyes tear and that was 35 miles from Bensonhurst…We automatically held our noses a 1/2 mile before we got to Coney Island Creek, we called Perfume Bay. The water in Flatbush smelled like rotten eggs. The Endicott Movie Theater was called a garlic house. The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to California…

So you can’t fool a kid from Brooklyn when it comes to stink. When a situation stinks we’ll be the first to tell you.

Take the new Mosque in Murpheesboro, Tenn. That stinks to high heaven and I’m over 800 miles away. How many miles from home are the Muslims that need a 53,000 sq.ft. Mosque, not far from an existing Mosque, when the entire known Muslim population provides around 45 registered Mosque members. For some reason counting Muslims in America is a mathematical boondoggle, but between 200 and 300 families is a close-temate for the entire town. This Mosque, like many obnoxious Mosques rising like Goosebumps at an Estonian ice swim, is strongly opposed by the countable residents of Murpheesboro; population 100,000 give or take…Add the monster Mosques planned for nearby Nashville and you have the smell of something rotten in Denmark…I mean Tennessee.

You don’t really have to be from Brooklyn to know that something’s up with the Muslims around there do you? But in true Brooklynese I can tell you for sure: they ain’t gonna do us no favors.

I’m not saying it took bribes, intimidation, political pull or anything nefarious like that to pull this one over on the people of Tennessee, but it took the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, to settle the issue. He sued the town, had a court hearing with no opposing argument and the Mosque got the nod from the judge. It’s the American way. (No problem too small for our AG even if it is way out of the Federal Government’s jurisdiction.)

Plain and simple; the Cabal is using the influence and prestige of the Federal government to impose Islamic presence against the will of the people; not just in Tennessee but wherever they can get away with it.

How many Muslims are we expecting in Tennessee that require more Mosques than movie theaters and more space than 100 football fields?

When will we wise up and read the Koran that tells us in plain Arabic that Islam is a political organization that uses religious dogma to achieve political victories? That being the case, for the Attorney General to use his influence and the influence of the office he holds to further the goals of a foreign state in contradiction to the will of the people he is paid to serve, is an act of treason…look it up; I’m right and I’m from Brooklyn.

This administration represents a cabal (we’ve been invaded) that is imposing Islamic Fascist rule in America and our response is to consider whether Sharia law is compatible with American civil laws; and if not, how to install it in our system anyway.

Obviously the Muslims are planning something even bigger than the Hawaii vacations Obama loves and he hopes we will be the last to know. I only pray that somewhere in this vast great nation someone is looking out for us. We’d better be planning to disappoint these invaders. In case it slipped your minds these are the guys that will either proselytize (convert) us or kill us. (As in behead).

Demand that Obama be removed for cause; we have many. End the revolution before it begins.

God has blessed us…but what are we doing with the blessing?


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