Musket to Musket Tank to Tank

The classic minutemen

Here they go again. The anti-gun proponents; pacifists, democrats, lobbyists and liberals all, will miss no opportunity to blame the guns for the mayhem. There are those who do not understand the Second Amendment, those who disagree with its wisdom and necessity and those who see it as an impediment to their political ambitions. We can argue with the first two and try to convince them that they are abetting the third, the real danger to our society; but we must constantly defend against all who seek to disarm us at all cost, even innocently.

Never lose sight of the purpose of the Right to Bear Arms. Our forefathers gave it their highest priority right after free speech, for a reason. Yes, we are entitled to defend ourselves and our families against all manner of threats but that is coincidental to the primary function, which is to defend against unjust government.
Violent events are an inevitable and unfortunate human reality; it has always been thus and no doubt always will be. The invention of firearms did not spawn the genes that cause humans to do away with other humans regularly, often dispassionately.
Lizzie Borden used an axe to dispatch her own parents; Kane’s weapon of choice, to earn the distinction of becoming man’s first murderer was a brotherly boulder. Jones didn’t like the sight of blood and laced the Kool Ade with cyanide granting over 900 believers safe passage to the hereafter from the jungles of Guyana. Jack the Ripper sliced and diced five ladies of the evening on his way to immortality, the Karowai cannibals have developed a taste for their fellow man and Mrs.O’Leary’s cow was the first bovine arsonist. Violence, murder, mayhem, depravity and insanity are an enduring part of the human condition; one on one, one on many or many on one, mortality is the ultimate human weakness.
Before we do away with rocks, knives, cyanide and axes let’s be clear that none of the above ensure our freedom or defend against an oppressive government, at least not with any noticeable effect. If they did you can be sure that a government that fears the people would seek to outlaw them all.
It is dangerously ironic that few citizens, loyal Americans to be sure, don’t see the big picture. If ever an administration had reason to fear the people Obama’s meets all the criteria.Taxation without representation, disdain for the rule of law, theft from the public coffers, disregard for human life, class warfare and on and on, including a foreign treaty aimed at “small arms” manufacture and ownership in America. Among the highest priorities of this administration from their first hours in office, is the circumvention and disabuse of the Second Amendment, weakening of military defenses and condemning our border patrol agents to operate under extreme disadvantage, including bean bag ammunition in lieu of live rounds and a sickening policy of run and hide from the exchange of gunfire. To say that this administration is attempting to disarm America is an understatement of epic proportions; to deny it is blasphemous and almost treasonous.
These facts render the argument that military grade automatic weapons should be banned from private ownership specious. Remember what we the people may have to defend against; a heavily armed mobile government force…or perhaps a private militia as well armed and financed as our standing army.
The last line of defense, as always, is man to man…Are you prepared for mass surrender simply because you relinquished your right to have and bear arms? Are you in favor of sending your children into battle with sticks and stones against tanks and heavy mortar? Do you remember Tienanmen Square? Let me refresh your Beijing history recall…tanks crushed students mercilessly. Do images of unarmed freedom fighters in the Mid East haunt your reverie? I guess not; Americans can extract the entertainment value from the most horrific human events, disassociate themselves and switch channels to watch sports, all in a few mindless seconds.
In 1776 the Minutemen left their plow horses in fields, took their long guns and helped defeat the English. The English Army was splendidly turned out in form fitting red uniforms and military issue marching boots; our freedom fighters responded valiantly to a “come as your are” invitation…but it was musket to musket and saber to saber and passion for freedom carried the day. If we lose the right to have and bear arms and concede the argument that automatic weapons are not fit for civilian ownership, we may well be shooting six shooters against a whole array of military weaponry.
Heed Barak’s wise decision. He insists that his personal militia be as well armed and well funded as our standing army; he has no desire to be out gunned. I’ll have to settle, for now, to have the Second Amendment remain intact, undiluted and ordained by those unconvinced of our potential for revolution, whose lives will depend on the weapons we cling to along with our religion and belief in self determination as prescribed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
No tragedy in terms of human life and depravity should serve as an argument for reducing our ability to keep untenable government at bay.
Prayer is a plea to the Lord to transfer positive energy to those in need. We pray for Aurora, the victims and the survivors. Let not the legacy of this tragic event be that America is diminished by it. Mourn but do not weaken.
God Bless America.
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