The Great Imposter

Is it safe to say that everyone in America now agrees that Barak Hussein Obama is a Socialist? It has been a long and gruelling journey, beginning with Democrats and talking heads reprimanding anyone who would even suggest that. Unwittingly and slowly concessions were made, until now most, if not all will agree in principle at least, that yes, Barak Hussein Obama is a Socialist. We got to this point incrementally, mind you, the way all socialist ideas find their way into our political fabric; and now a full fledged, unashamed socialist as been revealed to us; like a coming out affair, only more tortured and grudgingly. He didn’t run as a Socialist did he? If memory serves he ran as a moderate, left of center, unifying Democrat for change.
Well I wasn’t ever trying to convince anyone that he was a socialist. I was trying my best, and still am, to convince America that Barak Obama is member of a cabal that has covertly, on the one hand, and quite openly on the other, invaded America by way of the presidency. He is in fact an Islamic Fascist dictatorial Socialist. The difference isn’t subtle. It took over 3 1/2 years to get this far but rest assured if we are stupid enough to elect this cabal member again it will take less than six months into his new term for America to discover that the liberal pussycat they brought home in a shoe box with a couple of air holes punched in it has grown up to be…a snarling, mean tempered, rabid leopard.
To our everlasting shame and disgrace we have become inured to the idea that Socialism may compete with Capitalism and that perhaps there is an acceptable mutation that offers the best of both worlds; some form of government that keeps Capitalism from becoming corrupt and uses Socialism to provide for those in need, is the ideal we’re seeking. Stupid is as stupid does. This is the kind of thinking that keeps us from restoring this great nation to the model that our forefathers envisioned and understood thoroughly, to the exclusion of all others. When reasonable men who consider themselves fiscally conservative bend they capitulate; incremental Socialist tactics prove successful and before long the beggar is demanding the car keys.
Along the way we failed to educate our young and now they are our leaders. They are making world relevant decisions with skewed information, misguided intentions and an outdated strategy. Our inadequate statesmen are negotiating with world class criminals, communists, dictators and power hungry trillionairs determined to control all of the world’s resources and production; comic book stuff and our side is negotiating with no concept of today’s reality.
Barak Hussein Obama is a world class cheater. Unless and until that reality is digested our old fashioned politicians, campaigning and speechifying, will lose the farm, the house and the keys to the country. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. You don’t send in the team mascot to shoot the winning basket.The master is now broadcasting his disdain for productivity and free enterprise. He no longer cloaks his message in Capitalist phrases to tell us we have to cut spending while he spends your kids last dime. The Socialist in Charge now tells us big government is the only way he knows and will accept no free market interference. “You did not build that business, somebody helped you.” Those are the words of the Socialist who is now socially acceptable. So much for American ingenuity, work ethic and perseverance.
The problem is, my dear fellow Americans, is that Barak Obama is not a Socialist. It is only the persona he is has gotten us to accept so far. The rabid Leopard lies in wait, his purr a rumble; an almost imperceptible growl or grumble; occasionally he allows us a glimpse beyond his alter ego…Soon, if we allow him to stay in power, he will reveal his true identity and all the liberal media, sycophants, socialists in the Democrat Party and citizen enablers will go mute, friendless, in fear for their lives. This dictator in sheep’s clothes, Islamic Muslim in Christian disguise, cabal representative wrapped in the American flag, Fascist raising his chin in Mussolini fashion, will end the pretense and we will be subjects without a voice.
Gather ’round and listen up. We have a voice now and we have brains; but most important of all we have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are free to choose our leaders. Do not choose your jailer. Demand that Obama apologize and stand down…remove this impostor and take back our country. End the revolution before it begins.
God bless America.
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