Call out the liberal socialist enablers;

The most successful president in the history of the nation is Barry Soetoro aka Barak Hussein Obama (and one or two other aliases which escape me for the moment)


No other president has come to the office and accomplished at least 85% of his announced agenda. It is unheard of. So here’s the rub. Part of that goal was/is to not keep any of the promises he made to get elected and not be impeached or even lose his base support. If you read the playbook he subscribes to you will learn that the promises were made for the singular purpose of tricking people to vote for him, and it worked like a charm.

How does that make you feel you new age, change America, weed-induced liberal sycophants? Still think you’re clever? Obama’s book of rules is none other than Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals; he lied to hook you and he’s lying to keep you hooked. Here’s another ego booster for you. Obama is a bottom feeder. His appeal is directed to the lowest stratum of American society; low achievers who are only too glad to give up entirely and let Obama tend to his/her needs. He works to increase your numbers and to prevent you from finding self reliance. Obama is not unappreciative either; he does all he can to lower the bar for aspiring Welfare Boomers and throws as much free stuff your way as he can confiscate, steal or redistribute as the law doesn’t allow; he has fiat.


How does it make you feel to know that the guy you elected is fiat crazed, edict addicted and anointed by executive order? Don’t tell me; you feel darn good about a president who really cares for you. He cares for you like the farmer who tosses apples in his backyard during hunting season so he won’t have to leave his back porch to bag his limit of the deer he cares for. Deer meat is sweeter when you didn’t have to get frostbite to shoot the critter.


Yep. You should be proud of yourself. Obama has bought and paid for your vote and he is smug over the fact that nothing he can say or do and nothing his opposition says or does will dissuade you from the government cheese and a vote for him!


You may not agree but the one promise he is trying his darnedest to keep is to bring about total transformation, thanks to you and uncountable illegals trampling over each other to cash in, vote and disrespect the American flag. And like the hordes of civilizations past you will load up on government goodies until your demands exceed the limits of human endurance and you kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Ironically Obama has you out in the streets condemning big business, greedy bankers and “rich people”, (the source of all your “freebies”) and you will do so until the well runs dry…and like the hordes of civilizations before you, you too will turn on the government that turns off the tap when they’ve bled the cow dry. Don’t look across the ocean to Greece, Spain or Italy to see your alter egos rioting in the streets out of ignorance…the same ignorance that fuels your liberal consciousness. Look only to your Messiah who promises you that your free stuff is well earned.


When you have lost all self respect will you convert to Islam to appease the great provider? You’ve tired of my diatribe and will not tolerate such unfounded nonsense by now, but I will soldier on. Obama is a Christian who appeases Muslim terrorists, bows to Islamic Chieftains, speaks their language fluently, empowers the Muslim Brotherhood, protects terrorists, shelters Palestinian/Hamas refugees, presides over Muslim ceremonies, is indifferent to Christian heritage…loves the “most beautiful sound in the world”…adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, but he will not permit Jihad on American soil…Sharia Law has its place, but of course not Jihad…

So keep voting for the mouth that belongs to the gifted horse. Don’t bother to read the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they may enable you and free you…but Obama has already told you that they are flawed documents…that they have the order of authority backwards…our founders were addled…


Slavery is alive and well in the United States of America. Millions of Americans have turned their backs on Martin Luther King and sold their souls to the government store; then march every year to honor the man whose legacy they have all but forgotten. Racism is alive and well and growing in intensity. It has become a cruel political device to enable the transfer of wealth and the subjugation of millions to secure votes.


Look in the mirror. If I have insulted you then I have found my audience and you are multi-colored, multi racial and multi-national. Get over it. Live and sacrifice for your country and your children but do so effectively. The evil Conservatives are simply the silent majority who do just that and believe in the legacy of the American Constitution; and contrary to common belief we are multi-colored, multi-racial and multi-national. Obama is a divider and is not your friend. He gives nothing without extracting an extraordinary price; through you he would deliver the Republic to the trash heap of history and steep this country in an era of darkness, mediocrity and denied magnificence.


Do not deny America’s greatness and magnificence. It is evident all over the world and will not die with the temporary rise of a failed philosophy. We will succeed in thwarting the plans this administration fosters on us despite all the concern and marginal losses we sustain at the moment. When Obama and his mad socialist, Islamic Fascist ideas are defeated let us raise your hand in victory along with the countless heroes who came before us to assure our survival.


Your vote for the Republic can be your first step toward joining the fight to restore America as a functioning Constitutional Republic. End the revolution before it begins; demand that Obama apologize and stand down.


God Bless this great nation.



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